If you are a brick and morter retail shop, are you taking advantage of the latest technologies and systems to process cards?  Did you know you are at a higher risk now if you don’t use a card chip reader?  Did you know there are solutions where you can pass the fees to the cardholder?  What solution would help your business further succeed?  When was the last time you consulted with a payment professional?  We are ready to take your call.


E-commerce sales continue to increase year after year and so does the potential risk of becoming a victim of fraud.  Are you protected?  If you don’t have fraud protection services in place, you need to start now.

Thriving businesses have come to learn that the advantage of globalization is that you can now tap into far more consumers than ever before.  International sales are going to require certain solutions to be put in place to not only allow you to take payments, but will require a risk mitigation plan to be put in place.

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Merchant Solution Services(MSS) offers restaurants the lowest payment processing rates guaranteed. Customers can now take advantage of the speed, security, mobility and potential cost savings.  MSS has the Point-of-sale systems to run more efficiently, securely and provide consumers more confidence through pay at the table terminals.   We provide multiple applications targeting fine dining, restaurants, bars and taverns.  Learn more by contacting us today.

B2B Merchants

Business-to-business (B2B) commerce is a fast-growing segment of the global economy, ranging from high-volume sales involving enterprise-scale organizations to low-ticket orders for small and midsize businesses. Transactions between businesses that occur online are sometimes called e-biz and include all types of value exchanges between businesses.

As digital B2B commerce is expanding so does the need for electronic payment solutions. Accepting credit cards brings immediate savings to businesses through improved cash flow. Working with the right payment processing partnering will allow for next day funding, thus eliminating the cost of floating funds and collections.

International Merchants

Ready to take the next step in distributing your product or service globally? You will need to set up specifically with an International processing account. We have solutions all over the world to set you up properly so you won’t need to worry about how to get paid from global customer. Contact us to learn more.