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SUMMARY 1. Unlike a credit or refund issued by the merchant to the customer, a chargeback is when a customer files a dispute with the bank itself. Usually due to potential fraud, lack of service, defective/damaged goods, misunderstandings, or any combination of factors. 2. Once a chargeback is filed with the bank, documentation is prepared …

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Best Practices for Winning Chargebacks

Winning chargebacks and receiving a reversal can be done by providing the right information to validate transactions. The list below provides a comprehensive list to ensure the most success in receiving reversals. • Supply signed magnetic swiped, EMV chip and/ or imprinted transaction receipt • Supply proper transaction receipt for MOTO/ e-commerce transaction • Provide …

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Chargeback Codes

Knowing the following codes that come through with the notification of a chargeback is vital in successfully fighting back against it, thus protecting your merchant account.

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