You need a partner who understands your business and how to mitigate fraud and the risks associated with it. Merchant Solution Services brings high tech, innovative tools to you.

Our technology platform and knowledge base will help you understand why chargebacks occur, where fraud is occurring and how to prevent and stop chargebacks and fraud from occurring.

Best Practices

Mistakes can become costly to a business. Many mistakes in payment processing come from not understanding and knowing the rules for card acceptance. Is a lack of education or understanding worth losing your ability to accept payment from your customers?

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Fraud Prevention

Are you a Victim?

With the increase in online sales, so does the potential risk of fraud occurring. 15.4 million consumers were victims of fraud in 2016 and expected to grow in the upcoming years.

Accept payment transactions more confidently knowing you are being protected at the time of sale. Our solutions will identify risky transactions before they enter your business environment. Mitigate your risk and exposure to Fraud now.

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Chargeback Management

Chargebacks are costly to businesses that don’t take control quickly and effectively.

I have built and run multiple successful chargeback companies.  I have seen HUNDREDS of companies lose their ability to accept payments and close down strictly due to chargebacks.

I have learned over the years how to effectively prevent and manage chargebacks.

Who is your partner in chargebacks?  Don’t chance the future of your business.  Click below for a free consultation.   Together, lets stop chargebacks before they stop you.

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Risk Mitigation

Do you know if you are at risk of losing a merchant account?

Most businesses we work with do not understand fully the risks of accepting payments, and especially don’t realize what can cause added exposure.  Small and sometimes seemingly innocent decisions have caused companies to lose their ability to process cards.

Merchant Solution Services is here to serve you and protect you from these mistakes.  We have technologies to help and protect you.

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Transaction Data Analytics

Many companies provide dashboards with charts and graphs that are designed to give insight to data. But, unless you know how these are applicable to your business, they are just charts and graphs.

We analyze this data and provide you the real story and work with you to understand the meaning behind the data, so you can better run your business.

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